With each and every star shining that night there was alot darkness ..alot in her life .. after so long the days were going smooth and the way she wanted but that day something happened ..something hilarious as fuck for the first time.. she was in a diffrent world where everbody in her family felt like enemy to her was the night all her family members were frightened ,crying, weeping  and blaming her for the situations .. they were infact worried for her ..but still the only thing she was getting was they are not allowing her to be with that boy anymore she have been from last 3 teenage years of her life her first love.. her life ..her world …she cried with him laugh with him enjoyed the sensation of the first love with him.. they’ve promised to be together ..together for lifetime..she  often felt like he is her soulmate … then why ..what happened that day ..what was the reason …yes the only thing she was not getting that night was reason ..why she can not be with him ..why they have to get apart ..why Why Whyy ..she was crying and asking to them ..her mom slapped her and cried in a weeping tone “coz that boy don’t exist. it was a soul with whom you are meeting ..and calling him your love.

 the boy dont exist darling he was not a human were trapped in black majic forget everything like a nightmare my child please try and understand stay calm dont weep”. “Nightmare” she replied. ” I’ve to forget him like a nightmare are you out of your mind momma”  the things which are happening right now with me the words you are saying to me right now i wish this is a nightmare …he was my soulmate how could he be a nightmare ….. TO BE CONTINUED in next bog .. 

( hey guys its my first blog please support and wait for the next part of the story)

Author: she an indian girl

can imagine till infinity βš›

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